Saturday, March 28, 2009

hah.....follow up from last post (30 seconds ago)

so.... I have on a "popular" radio station in Chicago..... ironically, as I was posting that last post.... they announced that the next song was called "My life would suck without you"...... that's my prayer of thanksgiving... above all..My life would SUCK without Christ... :) (ok moody students.. please forgive the lack of depth in that theological statement.. but.. it's true.)

no title today

As my computer rips the songs off the CD of my favorite female Taiwanese singer, I find my way to you again oh dearest blog... It's been awhile, and for that I apologize. A lot has happened, even just in the last three weeks of my life. But as usual, God has shown up in mighty ways, and answered prayers. He's been my source of strength, love, and hope on the difficult days. And, he's given me a wonderful outlook on things.

This week marked coming back to Moody for the last half of the last semester of my first and last year for at least another year..... if you followed that, you're pretty good. That sentence mean, last Sunday I came back to Moody after 2 weeks off, for Spring break. The week before break was incredibly trying for me... I had a close friend from home who broke up with her fiancee, a friend who was in a coma, and hadn't talked to Dan in 5 days. Plus, there was the added stress of papers and tests, and all that other fun school stuff that you deal with when you're still AT school!

Anyway, I went home with some burdens on my heart, and questions in my mind. Somethings weren't computing, and I wasn't sure how to deal with that. My whole family and Dan were able to come get me at the airport, which was a huge blessing - it was great to see them all! :) But, within two days of being home, God led Dan and I to break up. So, I my round-about way, that is the center of this blog.... How God is helping me deal with breaking up with Dan after over a year.

Now, I'm not sure why I didn't just start out with that sentance, but oh well... I didn't, and the rest of that stuff is fairly important. Because, I suppose, more than just stuff with Dan, this blog is about God's provision.... in that situation, and many others in my life right now. God is SO good!!! And, I've become more accustomed to saying that in the last couple years of life...but, at the same time, I continue to become more and more amazed at the truth of that statement.
G O D I S S O G O O D !!!! Amen! thank you Father for being the truth in that statement!

Anyway, some of you probably read that "break up" sentance and got concerned, or saddened, etc....but don't... God knows, and though I might still have some questions,they're not as much about the "sad" part of a break up... they're about what I knew God was speaking to my heart, and the way God brought Dan into my life, and they're more questions to God, rather than just "oh, I'm so sad, I miss him.." type things.

Ok, I'm just rambling.I suppose I should write an outline of what I want to write, before I actually start in on these blogs... forgive me. But, in any case, God has given me the grace and ability to come back to school and start out w/ a very strong week, unlike I usually do when I get back from break. And, he's been continuing to HEAL my friend overseas who was in the coma, and that situation is much much better now! And, he's giving me peace about everything. Now, for sure, there will be difficult days on the road ahead, especially (probably) when I'm home and have more time to question things, and ponder the deeps meanings of this all. :) But, for now, life's not hard, and God has blessed me with friendships (with both guys and gals) that are getting deeper in light of alack of relationship w/ Dan. And for that I'm thankful. :)

I should add lots of scripture in here, I'm sure... but... I just wanted you to know that God is good, and provides for His children, heals them, protects their hearts, loves them, and desires for them to be close to His heart. How incredible.....? That the King of Kings desires.... US?!?! I stand in awe. Thank you Abba.