Friday, February 5, 2010

why I do what I do

I've been back in Taiwan now for nearly a week, and my priority this weekend is blogging and sending a newsletter about the past 2 months that I spent in China and India. So please remember that patience is a virtue - updates are coming!

However, I wanted to pass along something I was given today. It's a note from one of our students from this past DTS. He grew up in LA, California and at the age of 14 became a drug dealer. In the coming years, he went on to lose over $25,000 USD in gambling, work for multiple gangs in LA, stay in juvenile hall for awhile, and even get shot at point-blank range. God's hand of protection has been on this young man his whole life. He's not beginning to realize it.... this is why I do what I do.

I came into D T S seeking change,but in the back of my head i had doubts i could change
. I grew up in my unhealthy lifestyle for 20 years
what was 5 months going to do for me?
But what happened was exactly that. The change i needed came.

God continued to seek me throughout the school never giving up and i doubt he ever will.
With God's love, he has changed what i once thought was unchangeable.
God conveniently placed me in a team with such strong staff and classmates.

Many times i was challenged by even my younger classmates ones say, 5-6 years younger. Amazing.

What i had failed to realize before was all of us come from very different back rounds and pasts, we can still learn so much from each other.
we all here together in this school trying to be closer to God, get into better habits and overall trying to change, our mindset and our lives.

God's love is so strong it can change thing sometimes without you even realizing yourself.
Also with the support of a strong gracious leader and very patient staff you realize that God's timing is perfect, while ours is probably usually not as good as his.

Maybe this next school is God's timing for you to change your life for better!?=)

Thank you JESUS!