Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the frustration of the moment

addiction... a word with terrible connotations, but an interesting word at that. It comes in all shapes and sizes. And though we typically think of drugs, alcohol, or pornography; addiction can be anything from music, to people, to video games, to food. How does one deal with.... no, how does one love someone who's addicted? How do we show them there's a better way? It seems easy enough with those who are addicted to the "hard stuff" to logically say, "there is more to life". You just live a life that's drastically different, in a positive sense, than theirs is.

But what about those less in-your-face addictions? Friends, love, video games, food, and love... all these things are good, and needed even. Moderation is the key; my dad's words come back to me... but how do you tell someone they're addicted, when they are completely oblivious? How do you help show someone how much it hurts you; it hurts the people around them...? I want this person I love so dearly to know... I want them to see. They say they understand, and that they've changed... but it didn't last. I don't know how to show them the implications of it all. There are days when I wonder if they'll ever change.. I doubt. But then Lord reminds me that it's not my job, it's not their job to change themselves, or to "fix" themselves. That's His job. And he's in the business of radically transforming people's lives!! Praise God!!