Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He provides!

Well, I've left the "big city" and am now back at my parent's house in Orange City. I hesitate to call it home; because home is such an ominous word these days, and really, has been for the last few years. But it's familiar, and there are people here who love me.... what more could home be? I suppose a sense of belonging and purpose would help, but for the time being I'm quite alright with the first two. Life will never be all we want it to, and I'm becoming more and more ok with that as the years pass by.

Beginning now, this blog will consist of the truths I am confronted with, the questions I ask, and the memories I make regarding life in Asia next year... and I'm sure it will also contain some ramblings from time to time simply about life. As most of you know (since you're reading this), I'm leaving to go back to Taiwan again in early/mid-August, 2009. I will be working with the same organization, staffing the Discipleship Training School that they have their. And yes, to my Dover family, I'm following in Josh Menning's footsteps. (But I'm ok with that) :)

But that's not what this specific entry is about, at least not entirely....! It's about how incredibly GOD PROVIDES!!!!! He continues to amaze me in the ways by which He reminds me of his provincial presence in my life. Yet again, God has taken me on a whirlwind adventure these past few days. I got back from school Thursday night and jumped right into the Tulip Festival activities all weekend. Yesterday (monday) I began the daunting task of job hunting. I'm only home for a little less than 3 months, and I really wasn't sure that anyone would be hiring for that short amount of time. Even the places hiring summer help were probably staffed by now, and wouldn't want me since I'm leaving before other college students get back into town to take back their position. Early in the day I was given a good looking lead, that turned out to not be possible. So, I went to a few area businesses, none of whom were in need of help, and looked online, finding only jobs for which I was not qualified.... joy. But, I had applied at my "back-up" job (which I still wasn't sure would be hiring in this economy) that morning via their website.

And as I was on my way to Sioux Center to hit up a few places in my desperation, and my mother called me saying my "back-up" place had called, wanting to interview me. Well, since I was already headed for Sioux Center, and had interview-type clothes on; I called, and they wanted to meet asap. After about 45 minutes or so, I had become the newest baker at Wal-Mart. Now, yes, it's Wal-Mart, and you can say what you'd like; but it's a company that I won't feel guilty leaving in 3 months, and I enjoyed working there last year. No, it might not be the best paying job I've ever had, but the time it saved me in looking for another job, and the hours I know they'll be willing to give me will make up for that difference. So, yet again, God continues to remind me that HE will provide, if I give the situation to Him and let Him guide me.

I guess that was the long way of saying ....... God provided me with a job for the summer!!! :) As things move along in regards to Asia, I will post more details, and more information on here, so that you're aware of what's happening.

Miranda Kay

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My man

There are days when I wish trusting God and following His voice was easy.... thankfully I know He knows, He sees, and He cares.... what a beautiful truth to rest in. Thanks Abba!