Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daily Life

Here are some pictures of my daily life here in Taiwan. :) Enjoy!

first, here's the link to a video one of our staff on base made of his walk to work. I walk the same roads, and I thought it might be fun for you to see my walk to work in the morning. friends celebrating a birthday (top L to bottom R)
Martin-SBS student, Miranda-DTS staff, Stephen (missionary not w/ YWAM), Jeanine-DTS student, Becky-SBS student (b-day girl), Lydia-here on her shool of evangelism outreach, Ruth-language team

teaching English to Kindergartners at the elem. school in the mountains nearby

I made dinner for some SBS students - we got creative with our dessert - roasting marshmellows over a candle, with chopsticks. :)

some of the paperwork I have to do for my visas

our neighbor burning money, hoping his prayers rise to the ancestors and gods along with the smoke

Lecture in our classroom

prayer with the week #7 speakers on the last day

helping a student mail a letter back home (notice the iowa shirt)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The last few weeks

Hello Blog-readers, supporters, and prayers out there! I know it's been awhile since I've written about life in Taiwan, and I wanted to update you on what's been going on.

It's been a busy few weeks that have flown by all too quickly. Our students are doing well. Learning and growing, and some of the team dynamics are getting better. Students are working through personal problems, and things God is changing in their hearts, and they're working through conflicts with each other. God is moving!

We are in full swing these last 3 weeks of Lecture Phase, getting ready for Outreach! Our school is splitting into two teams for outreach. I am co-leading with a wonderful lady from Singapore; Rachel. We are taking half the students for two months on outreach where they will be full-time missionaries. They will be living out everything they've learned these last 3 months.

We will be taking our team first to China. For security purposes I can't tell you where, or who we will be working with, and the like. But we will be (mostly) in a city setting, teaching English, and building relationships with individuals we meet. Then in January we will take our team to India. We'll fly into Mumbai, and then move to a smaller city nearby. We'll be based out of that city (Punah), but each week we will travel to a few different villages. In India we'll be doing lots of preaching, teaching, and evangelizing. This month will be a good challenge to all of us, as we aren't used to getting up each night and preaching a full half hour-45 minute sermon, as well as doing music and sign dances, skits, etc.

God has worked a wonder in the finances of this school. India is MUCH more expensive than the countries we typically travel to for outreach. But God has been faithful, and the students and staff who still needed funds for outreach have been proved for. But continue to pray, as we must keep our budget very tight so that we have enough for our month in India. God has also been faithful in my finances, though things are more expensive than I originally thought they would be. In reality, each school is costing me around $3,000 (not including meals), and I thought it would only be around $2,000-$2,500. Pray that God would continue to lead people to share what God has given them, with me for the end of this school and the next. I know God has called me here to disciple our students, and show Christ to the world. And knowing that, I trust that He will provide for all my needs while I'm here. Thank you for being a part of that!

here are some quick prayer requests:
- that God will prepare the hearts of the students for what they will experience on outreach
- that God will prepare the hearts of the people we will encounter on outreach
- that God will prepare the staff (3 out of 4 of whom are 2st time staff), to lead these outreach teams.
- that God will provide for the school financially, and give us leaders wisdom as to how to best use our resources on outreach
- that God will use these last 3 weeks of lecture to challenge and grow the students, and even call them into the life He has for them
- that God would work out visa issues for some of us still having trouble (Praise God!! My visa issues are nearly resolved. We found a way around something in the process, so I can get my China and India visas in time for outreach)
- that God will give me clear direction for what's next after DTS. I know He's calling me to do an SBS-School of Biblical Studies (a very intense 9-month biblical studies school), but I still am not clear if He wants me in Cambodia or Taiwan.