Friday, June 12, 2009

update for mid-June

Wow, I should really start to get creative with these titles... but it's 11:20 pm, do you blame my lack of creativity? Anyway, just wanted y'all to know that things are coming along. This week I...

- got a background check done (don't worry, I've committed no murders in the last year) :)
- got letters of recommendation from work, church, and an organization that I worked with in Chicago, called Emmaus. ((ps - you should check out the work they're doing on the streets of Chicago, it's powerful stuff. God's moving. :)
- found out I'm doing the Missions Moment at church a week from Sunday, so that everyone at Dover will know about my work next year, and find out about this blog =) (yes, I'm feeling smiley tonight.. hope that's ok)
- I'm pretty well done w/ all the paperwork that the base needs, in order for them to turn in my visa application. that will take longer than I thought to get processed, so... I'm praying God works in that situation, so that I don't have to pay for a flight out of the country a month after I get there. :/
- and, nailed down (pretty much) things for the Taste of Taiwan. (more on that coming soon)

Yes, this was a short entry, but it's been wonderful to be in contact with Taiwan this week. I got an E-mail from Tammie, the "lady in the office" (she does everything, so it's difficult to pin-point her job description) at our base in Danshui,and the school leader of the DTS I'll be staffing. God's working, and it's exciting. He rocks my world.

this picture is a fairly recent one (from a missionary friend) of the kids at the AIDS hospital that I worked at everyday in Cambodia. :)

Thanks for praying me through, and sharing this journey with me.
~miranda kay~ Acts 20:24

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update for beginning of June

Well, not much has changed since I last wrote; a bit more correspondence. I will be calling them either today or tomorrow about visa "stuff". The Lord is continuing to move my heart for this next season, and I'm continually more excited about what next year holds! And... to add to my excitement, and just a wonderful reminder of God's faithfulness I got some spectacular news last week... A girl that I became quite close with when we were in China E-mailed me asking for me "skype" name, because she remembered I had Skype, and she just got it on her computer, and wanted to talk to me. Now,at this point we hadn't talked since some two months after I left China... so we hadn't communicated in a year. Her second E-mail told me that she's accepted Christ, and believes the sacrifice He made for her and wants to follow Him with her life!!! Praise God!! She told me how glad she was that we were now actual sisters, because of our bond through Christ Jesus. And she told me how excited she was that we were now connected in a new, deeper way through our Lord!! The fruits of our labor are not in vein, and Layla's E-mail was such a wonderful reminder of that. All the people who've poured into her over the years and loved her.... it paid off, and we have another sister with whom we will spend eternity praising our father... TOGETHER! :)

Just thought I'd let you know about some things that are in the works; if anyone has any other ideas or would like to find our more about one of these ideas, or would just like to comment.... I'd LOVE input. :)
Ideas for this summer.......
-- a fund-raiser called "Taste of Taiwan" - I would show pictures from last year, and explain what I'll be doing in more detail. To be held a Dover Church, and I'd cook some Chinese/Taiwanese food so that people could get a literal taste of Taiwan along with a mental/pictoral taste as well.
-- Proceeds from family garage sale will go towards Taiwan also
-- but.... I'm making crafts (jewelry, candle-holders... that stuff) and was hoping to do a fund-raiser type thing at De Koffie Hoek to raise awareness and support for Asia as well. Do you think this would work, or should I just stick with the Taste of Taiwan? Let me know, I'd really appreciate it. :)

Thanks for loving me, and praying for me. Continue to seek HIS face! ~miranda kay~