Friday, June 12, 2009

update for mid-June

Wow, I should really start to get creative with these titles... but it's 11:20 pm, do you blame my lack of creativity? Anyway, just wanted y'all to know that things are coming along. This week I...

- got a background check done (don't worry, I've committed no murders in the last year) :)
- got letters of recommendation from work, church, and an organization that I worked with in Chicago, called Emmaus. ((ps - you should check out the work they're doing on the streets of Chicago, it's powerful stuff. God's moving. :)
- found out I'm doing the Missions Moment at church a week from Sunday, so that everyone at Dover will know about my work next year, and find out about this blog =) (yes, I'm feeling smiley tonight.. hope that's ok)
- I'm pretty well done w/ all the paperwork that the base needs, in order for them to turn in my visa application. that will take longer than I thought to get processed, so... I'm praying God works in that situation, so that I don't have to pay for a flight out of the country a month after I get there. :/
- and, nailed down (pretty much) things for the Taste of Taiwan. (more on that coming soon)

Yes, this was a short entry, but it's been wonderful to be in contact with Taiwan this week. I got an E-mail from Tammie, the "lady in the office" (she does everything, so it's difficult to pin-point her job description) at our base in Danshui,and the school leader of the DTS I'll be staffing. God's working, and it's exciting. He rocks my world.

this picture is a fairly recent one (from a missionary friend) of the kids at the AIDS hospital that I worked at everyday in Cambodia. :)

Thanks for praying me through, and sharing this journey with me.
~miranda kay~ Acts 20:24

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