Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daily Life

Here are some pictures of my daily life here in Taiwan. :) Enjoy!

first, here's the link to a video one of our staff on base made of his walk to work. I walk the same roads, and I thought it might be fun for you to see my walk to work in the morning. friends celebrating a birthday (top L to bottom R)
Martin-SBS student, Miranda-DTS staff, Stephen (missionary not w/ YWAM), Jeanine-DTS student, Becky-SBS student (b-day girl), Lydia-here on her shool of evangelism outreach, Ruth-language team

teaching English to Kindergartners at the elem. school in the mountains nearby

I made dinner for some SBS students - we got creative with our dessert - roasting marshmellows over a candle, with chopsticks. :)

some of the paperwork I have to do for my visas

our neighbor burning money, hoping his prayers rise to the ancestors and gods along with the smoke

Lecture in our classroom

prayer with the week #7 speakers on the last day

helping a student mail a letter back home (notice the iowa shirt)

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miranda kay said...

oops - sorry guys - I just realized that picture with people from the base gathered for the birthday, was in my pics a few entries ago... sorry!