Friday, July 16, 2010

updated prayer requests

Hey all,
It's been awhile since I've updated this blog because I'm using my website more often now, and life is intensely busy with SBS.... not that that's a good excuse, but it's the truth. Just wanted to share some recent prayer requests with you. :) I originally sent this to my church family in the US, so if you don't know who "Pastor Jeff" is; it's the senior pastor at my home church. And "matt Hulst" is another YWAMer, who's now living on the same base as I am, and is from that same small-town church in Iowa (crazy! Yea - we live in a small world). Thanks for your prayers and support as I dig into God's word and love on His people!

As I prepare for a test over the entire New Testament this morning, I wanted to let you into my world here in Taiwan. Yes, I study the Bible everyday, but God is moving outside of that as well. I appreciate you as a church home, and some of my most faithful prayer warriors.....THANK YOU!! Here are some specific ways in which you can be covering me in prayer.

Michael (21) and Chris (22)– Two Taiwanese guys that I’ve built relationships with; both are believers. Pray as I continue to pour into them, and disciple them that they will understand Christ and grow to love him more as they watch my life. Michael just got back to Taiwan after going to university in Pennsylvania, USA and would like to get plugged into an English speaking church this summer while he’s home!

Alice (21 – one week younger than me!) and Michelle (22) - Two Taiwanese ladies that I’m discipling. Michelle has been a believer for a couple years now, but has recently begun teaching English to some Mormon missionaries (who are all over Taiwan). Please pray she will be wise as she teaches them, and take everything they tell her back to God’s word, and not dwell on the false teaching they try to implant in her mind. Ultimately; pray she stops teaching them. Though she wants to win them for the Lord, she’s still learning and it would be easy to fall into their false teaching if she’s not careful. And Alice, who is not a Christian, I’ve just begun meeting with. Her English is not as good as I thought, but she is Chris’ (guy from above) sister, and so he will come along most of the time to help translate while we talk. This helps me, because things she doesn’t understand, he can explain in a way that makes sense since he knows his sister far better than I do! She is very eager to learn and get to know me – praise God!

Church relationships – I’ve begun to get more involved in my church; Agape International, in the last couple of months. I’ve recently joined the worship team, and relationships are forming and growing. I also prayed the closing prayer last Sunday (off the cuff – our pastor reminds me of Pastor Jeff sometimes) ;)

If you'd ever like updated information, pictures, or see what I'm studying in our Bible School, please stop by my ministry website at:

PS - Matt Hulst and I both say "hi" this time; it's been a joy getting to spend time with Matt and see how God is using him mightily in Taiwan since his arrival a couple months ago!

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