Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Just thought I'd give a quick update. Tonight I'm excited because I purchased my plane ticket for Taiwan. :) I leave Aug. 19th, getting into Taiwan the morning of Aug. 21st (their time). Last night I got to talk to one of my best friends from my DTS, which was wonderful. Always a good thing to get up to date with a good friend.

Things are coming along really well for the Taste of Taiwan. Less than two weeks to go! God is continuing to blow me away with his faithfulness; especially in the area of financial support. It's like each time I go to raise support; I forget how faithful He's been in this area of my life (and my missions work) over the years. I trust that it will come in....but He always seems to do something to just remind me of His wonderful presence through the blessing of speedy support-raising. One third of my support is already in; and I'm just now sending out actual, physical letters. That's incredible!

The butterflies are slowly but surely becoming apparent; especially this week, as things are getting set in stone. Good and bad, nervous and extremely excited all flooding my heart at once. Anyway, thanks for caring and for praising the Lord with me tonight for his faithfulness and blessings.

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k3davis said...

hi girlie,

congrats on your ticket purchase, and i hope your little soiree worked out well tonight. i'm back in chicago momentarily, but looks like i'll be back on campus in a little over a week. i guess i'm heading up AoA this year? Megan isn't coming back, like most of my friends :-P