Thursday, October 29, 2009

more visa hassle

I wanted to update you guys on my visa situation. As of now, I'm here with a 60-day, single-entry, visitor visa. That visa is valid no longer than Nov. 10th. I've gone to the hospital to get the health check-up done; that was a story on its own; a crazy afternoon of getting blood drawn, giving a stool sample, getting a chest X-ray taken, getting a skin test, and other various things done to my body. However, the results from the hospital won't be in until Nov. 4th. And, I've recently come to find out that after I get those results it still takes 2-3weeks for them to mail me my physical ARC (Alien residence card) card. I simply don't have that much time left. I thought this was another case of needing to leave the country again, however, by the grace of God we've found a way to work around the system.

So, TODAY I'm headed into Taipei City. I'm going to the ARC office to get my current visa extended. This will give me time to get the test results, and still have the 2-3 weeks leeway that the Immigration office needs, to mail me the real ARC. Yes, yet again, this means more money. But thank the Lord, I'm doing well with my finances. I'm not covered through both this school and the next; but I do have my finances in line for this school. And, God continues to remind me of His faithfulness as He provides when unexpected things like more Visa red-tape come up. This is only by the grace of God that everything worked out so that I was in the same place as another staff member, at the same time. And that when I went to Hong Kong the 1st time I was given THIS type of wrong visa.... any other type this wouldn't be possible for!

Please pray for God's favor as I go to the office today. It's somewhere I've never been before, and I'm going alone. Pray that God will send me to the right teller/worker; someone who will show me grace and favor. And; all in all, just pray that God will allow me to stay in Taiwan without having to leave the country again. Thanks in advance for lifting me to "the throne of our gracious God!!" (Hebrews 4:16)

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