Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pictures from Taiwan

I realize that I owe you all a good, in-depth blog post soon. Actually; it's overdue, but since it's already 11:48 pm... tonight I'll just post some recent pictures. Enjoy!

Miranda with Elizabeth (student), Phoebe (staff), and Zoie (student) eating squid mouth at the River Road night market.

YWAM friends at our house for Becky's birthday dinner (L Top to R bottom: Martin-SBS, Miranda-DTS staff, Stephen-MK from Brazil, teaching english in Taipei, Jeanine-DTS, Becky-SBS, Lydia-here on "school of evangelism" outreach;she's here for 2 months, Ruth-Language Learning Team, John - Becky's dad from Canada)

water we DTS women hiked up to 2 weeks ago (following picture is from same day)

We start our grills with hair-dryers here in Taiwan. (DTS school leader's wife, April, starting our fire for Taiwanese-style BBQ)

Students Matt and Jeanine attentively listening to our week #4 speaker talk about the nature and character of God (2 weeks ago)

traditional Taiwanese BBQ - the main way Taiwanese celebrate Mid-Autumn/Moon festival. The plate on the right-hand side contains Tofu skin, fish paste, fish balls, mushrooms, etc.), and yes, that's a squid on a stick in the front there. (2 weeks ago)

Many of you have asked about the flooding in Southern Taiwan. Here's a picture that a missionary from our base gave to me. Taken about 2 months ago when some of our missionaries went down to help with relief efforts.


Shannon said...

Ewww,squid...that's all I have to say about that!

hillrockra said...

Hi Miranda, love your pictures and enjoy keeping up with what you're doing. You look great!

Love you,