Sunday, September 27, 2009

He takes my breath away

So.... if you have yet to fall in love with Him... our God is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! He just stinking IS!! I was grading one of my students' journals today at a coffee shop, and reading through part of Mark, and praying, and just spending time with the Lord. I was talking to God about something that's been on my heart and mind all week, and I finally wrote my prayer out to God (helps me process what I'm saying to Him, and helps me go back later and see how He's answered specific prayers). Towards the end, as I've written this nice, semi-formal letter/prayer to God; I got fed up with myself. And said, alright God, you know what's on my heart and mind, so who am I kidding? It's not like you'll only hear the words I say out loud, and not hear the words I'm screaming in my mind. So, I wrote what was really on my heart, and pleaded with God. Being completely real with Him, sharing my insecurity in not trusting him completely w/ this certain area of my life, and asked for a sign. I real, tangible, specific, big sign. I said, "God, you know me, and so you know it needs to be really clear."

I ended, and was about to head back home. But just as I was leaving, another YWAMer, and new friend of mine came in for coffee. We chatted momentarily, and then she discovered something. We both gazed out of the window, in awe at this incredibly beautiful rainbow God had just painted across the sky. She went back to her reading and praying, and I slowly walked outside. The world around me was a blur, and God was speaking LOUD and CLEAR. This was by far the most vivid, full, colorful, and totally complete rainbow I've ever seen. And the sun was already set! God was Saying, Miranda, you remember Noah? You remember how I protected Him, and then gave him a vivid promise through something really tangible? Well, here ya go Noah Rockhill. My breath was literally taken out of me, like someone punched me in the stomach. The Taiwanese couple walking next to me heard me gasp, and actually looked back to make sure I was physically alright. God amazes me; and never ceases to surprise me at how quickly, how incredibly He answers prayer. It was the confirmation I needed exactly when I needed it (if not sooner). Remember His promises..... remember who He is.


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