Thursday, September 10, 2009

visa visa (said in the little ceasar's "pizza pizza" style voice)

I'm back in Taiwan with.... a visa. Not the right one, but a visa. and thank you Jesus, I won't have to go back to Hong Kong to get the new one. I just have to get a health check thing done here in Taipei at a certain hospital, sometime in the next 2 months and then get the visa switched over from a 2-month visitor visa to a year-long ARC (alien residence card). :) More to come about Hong Kong, and the beginning of school. We start bright and early tomorrow.... and I didn't get much sleep in the airport in Hong Kong last night; imagine that, with bright lights on the whole time,and a terribly uncomfortable table/chair to sleep on, and the PA system going off every 15 minutes to remind me of all the ways to not get swine flu. :) Ok, so all of those things are true, but God did grant me small increments of rest, for which I was very grateful for. And I made it through today... but alas, I'm exhausted. But, as I said in my last blog... God is strong in my weakness; and that's true for my physical weakness too. So; I'll trust Him for tomorrow, and know that He is my portion..... physically and otherwise.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm alive, and well, and have a visa of some sort. =)

ps- for those of you who don't understand the title... don't worry. It's just Miranda being tired and punchy..... and knowing Abby will appreciate the joke. :)

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Shannon said...

I get the visa, visa... cute! Glad to hear you got your visa and stayed safe!