Tuesday, September 1, 2009

please pray

Just a quick update from here in DanShui. Today's been a bit of a tiring day; a great beginning to a seminar this morning, and a long staff meeting this afternoon (where we only got one of the three planned things accomplished.... go figure). It was frustrating too, I'm already finding myself getting frustrated because of language barriers.... if only every little phrase of staff meetings didn't have to get re-said in another language. Sigh, but that's my own pride and selfishness and impatience talking. Pray that God will continue to humble me, and help me to realize much of my frustration comes because I'm simply impatient.

Despite the crazy day, I was just rejuvenated a few minutes ago when I talked to my friend Kevin. Kevin is a boy that is studying at the largest University here in Dan Shui. He was in an English club (more of a class) that I taught along with two university professors, when I was here two years ago. Anyway; he and I have kept up, via the internet off and on since I left Taiwan last time. And, in talking to him tonight he said he would like to come to the ROCK to see me tomorrow night. He is nervous; because he has lost a lot of his english since we left, because there is no one to practice with. But I'm praying that his fears are calmed, and that I am able to speak to him about why I came back to Taiwan. He is not a Christian and doesn't understand the concept of grace like Christ gives. Please pray for Kevin; that we will be bale to communicate well (with the help, I'm sure, of one of my taiwanese friends), and that through him I will be able to re-connect with the group of students that I got to know two years ago, and that I can share Christ's love and salvation with them!!

To the King,
Miranda Kay

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