Saturday, August 29, 2009

worshiping Him in thought...and more

"let now your church, shine as your bride. That you saw in your heart, as you offered up your life..." Let that sink in....

We serve an incredible God, and I just say that this morning? Man.... I love him! :) And I'm learning more all the time about worshiping Him with my thoughts. I always thought of it in an anti-negative way. Let me explain; I saw worship God with my thoughts as simply NOT thinking about "the bad stuff", if that makes sense. But it's so much more than that. It's about my thoughts being FIXED on Him. Not wavering on His truth. But as usual.... I'm getting distracted from what I really wanted to write; go figure. here's what I really meant to write about.... from my journal yesterday...

... Another revelation, or realization I had today came when my best thoughts and most profound thoughts typically come; when I'm almost asleep. But it was so good, and I knew I'd forget it, so I rolled over and wrote it down quick. Maybe my equilibrium makes me think better when I'm laying down... who knows. : )

In any case, I realized one of the differences between life at home and life here. At home life seems to get in the way of God. Here, life is about God. There, I have to push things out of the way; work, relationships, everything, to get to God, to make room in my life for Him. But here, he's everywhere; He's an intricate part of everything; my relationships, my work. He's in what we study, what we talk about, what we listen to (mostly... with the exception of a country song every now and then. haha), he's in the places we go (again, mostly), He's everywhere. He IS life, he's not some little side-dish that we decide to put on our plate every so often. This is the way life was meant to be!!!! I love it!

I know that this isn't how it should be... I'm simply saying it's what I've realized. I'll let you know how I change that when I get home. But for now... praise God that life is how it should be. :) We serve an incredible God...... I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately; but it's so amazingly true!

here are some pictures I've taken in the last week; enjoy!

the ROCK - the free coffee shop YWAM runs on the busiest street (a night market) in DanShui, where I spend time each Monday and Wednesday night; ministering by building relationships (and teaching minimal english) with the Taiwanese.
Phoebe and I at the staff BBQ Friday night three of my new favorite women - Abigail (Malaysia), Rachel (singapore), and Koala (taiwan). rachel is my roommate and fellow DTS staff

my new little brother; Danny (Paraguayan, and Taiwanese)

please pray for this place... it's near recently dubbed "my spot" where I enjoy spending with the Lord, looking out onto the DanShui river. this is the community of outcasts in DanShui, many have handicaps of all sorts; and have been labeled "crazy"...many are beggars.

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Shannon said...

I appreciate your post Miranda! So true, life does get in the way of God here. Thanks for the visual of shoving it out of the way!