Monday, August 10, 2009

the taste

So, as promised; here's an update on the Taste. It went so much better than I could have hoped!! God is good, and we had about 50 people there; give or take a couple. And much more money was raised than I spent, which is good. :) The kids enjoyed the coloring pages, and word searches that I was able to make specifically for the Taste. The cooks were amazing, and easy to teach - I could not have done it without either of them; nor the other family members who helped set up, and tear down, and what not. :) I shared a bit of more in-depth information about what I'll be doing next year, and we had a fun time playing a trivia game I created about Taiwan, and Asian culture. It was great seeing some people try chicken feet too - they were brave!

And, with some updated info from Taiwan - My support is about 75% of the way in.... maybe a bit more. As of 5 days ago, or so, we had 7 students, and a few more are projected to be added to our numbers within the next 4 weeks until school!! As I continue to get closer to my departure date, and as I find out more things that have changed since I left; I continue to get more excited about this next season of life!!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support over these last days in America. I covet them greatly - and am thankful that God continues to stir my heart for Taiwan, and the Asian people, and He has been amazingly faithful in preparing my heart for this year!

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