Saturday, August 22, 2009


another great title.... maybe I'll get creative in the next 12 months. :) Well, it's 11:30pm, and still 78.5 degrees...(Fahrenheit).... insanity! today included.....

being woken up by someone I'd talked to once... telling me the airlines was on the phone.

waking someone else up so they could give the airlines my address in Chinese

catching up with my friend Robert. We were classmates in DTS here in DanShui 2 years ago, and he just finished staffing 2 schools. He's leaving on Tuesday for home (Okinawa, Japan) but coming back in March to do SBS (school of biblical studies).

talking to my parents for a few minutes.

getting my bags..... taiwanese men are amazing. the deliverer brought both bags (at once) up 5 flights of stairs.... they WERE NOT light!!! (that's almost as insane as the heat)

watching my ice-block frozen water turn to luke warm water over the course of 12 minutes... no joke

talking to the grandparents (on both sides)

more catching up with Robert, and my new friends Danny and Leo (Danny will be a student in the 1st DTS I'm staffing)

getting money out of the ATM since none of mine is exchanged

going to the grocery story so now I can cook for the next few weeks

having a clerk at the grocery story literally shove another clerk out of the way so he could be my cashier, so he could practice his english... and impress me (or something like that. I felt terrible for the other clerk. :/

reading Crazy Love by: Francis Chan.... I recommend it to anyone who loves Jesus, and desires to know Him more, and desires to see the church of Acts be restored now!

reading through James again.... classic faith

going to the school leaders house, and taking forever for all of us to decide what to do... we rented an old clint eastwood movie, and i fell asleep.

looking around and smiling..... because I'm back in Taiwan.

what a wonderful day!!! :)

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Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a great day... luggage included!