Friday, August 21, 2009

Hey blog readers. Goodmorning from DanShui! I think I promised something specific in my last blog..... maybe what I did yesterday - not sure. But, instead I'll keep this short, and let you know that God has provided once again, and I got a call from Malaysia Air this morning, saying my bags were HERE in Taipei, and they will deliver them in about 2-4 hours from now!!! Hooray! I get clothes, and shower stuff, and... shoes that aren't clonky boots, and...ah (long sigh of relief). :) God is good... all the time (yes... I believe that will be a re-occurring theme this year, as well it should be).

Also, here in a couple days, Taiwan will begin a new month; one that's traditionally "ghost month". When evil spirits, and the ghosts of their ancestors are feared/thought to haunt them even more than usual. It's definitely a time when fear rules the people's hearts and homes, and when Satan can take over people's thoughts and minds in powerful ways. Thankfully Christ is in the hearts of many here in DanShui, Praise God for that! But please pray with me that God's peace would reign in the hearts of Christians, and those that they come in contact with. Pray that the comfort, and peace of Christ would be very evident in the lives of those of us who know Him, and that we would share that with those who don't. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers; I love you all, and will update you soon.

Miranda Kay
James 5:6b.... keep praying for DanShui with me

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