Thursday, August 6, 2009

two weeks to go

Well, I'm two week away from landing in Taiwan. School starts Sept. 11th, and this morning I got more information from the school leader; Brent. From the information I just got, my support is almost fully in; which is amazing!! God is so good, and has continued to show His faithfulness in so many ways.

We have seven students; having gained two more this week, and as far as I know, we're fully staffed as well. My visa is still being processed over in Taiwan, and I'm assuming it won't, in the next two weeks. That will mean that one month after I get to Taiwan I'll have to fly to Hong Kong at least overnight, and try to re-get the visa... we'll see.

We're in Michigan for the next week or so, seeing family that I haven't seen in years, and taking some time to relax and simply be together, before I leave. It's already more than I could have hoped; and God's teaching me a lot through some books I've begun reading. One's the memoirs of a boy soldier from Siere Leon. And I just last night began reading the life story of A.B. Simpson. And the biography is written by none other than A.W. Tozer. :) Well, time to be with grandparents; it's a blessing to be with a grandfather who's lived through so much this year. God is good, and continues to sustain Grandpa and the rest of us.

I'll update about "the Taste" in a few days.
Blessings from Michigan.
~Miranda Kay~ <><

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