Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nitty Gritty Info-fitty

Ok, so yes, another lame title.... like I've said before; maybe God will grant me an abundance of creativity by the end of the year, so the blog titles won't be so odd... we'll see. First off; THANK YOU for your prayers this week. Quite a few things have happened that have been direct answers to prayer, and I know that's not a coincidence. Most of them have been conversations; three with students who are coming this week, and one with Kevin, the guy I blogged about in my last post.

Second; I wanted you to know who I'm working with, and who we're mainly ministering to. The following is a bit of information on each of the people on staff for the Fall 2009 DTS. And following is info about the students coming to the Fall school. Their pictures will put a face with a name, and I've added a picture on the left-hand side of the blog with all the students on one picture, and all the staff in another... so they're always there, when this post is long gone into the depths of the blog archives. :)


Brent and April : Brent is the school leader, and is the only man on staff... pray for him....! :) April will be helping as she can, with the school and staff; but she's in the process of pioneering a ministry that works with prostitutes in Taipei and Dan Shui, so she has her hands full.. They will not be living with the school in our house. They're from America (family.. he's from a dairy farm in PA...we've already shared farm stories. woohoo!)
Rachel : This is her 2nd school staffing, she did DTS directly before she began staffing. She's in her 30's. She's from Singapore, and she's extremely organized. Oh, and she doesn't like fans or AirCon (what they call air conditioning here). Oh yes, and she dyed the tips of her hair green the day I moved in... she's crazy and we love her. :)
Phoebe : From Taiwan, and has been involved with YWAM Taipei for 5.5 years, but this is her 1st time staffing DTS. She's 29, and is dating a Canadian, so she's learning to like hockey. Her father is struggling in the hospital with medical issues related to diabetes.... PLEASE pray for him. He's a Christian, but her mother's not. The first time this happened (the diabetes hitting him all at once), her dad came to Christ, so we're all praying that God will use this time to bring her mother into the Family!
Lily : She's from Taiwan. She's one of the most kind people I've ever met. She is in her 30's, and just finished her DTS. This is, therefore, her 1st time staffing. She and I get along very well; our personalities are quite alike. She calls me "Asia girl." I love her :)

Jeanine: A beautiful woman in her 30's from the Dominican Republic. We've talked a couple times already and it's been a blessing. She arrives tomorrow at 6am.
Danny : Oh Danny.... if you live in this house for one day, you'll hear that; probably multiple times. :) We love him, but he's a handful. He's 18 (and loves to tell you he's a man), he's from Paraguay but has lived in Taiwan for 6 years, so when he doesn't understand my English I try it in Spanish, and we're usually ok. :) He didn't graduate from the last DTS, so he's doing it over... not very typical, but Danny's not a typical guy. Pray for him.
Elizabeth : She's 19, and her parents are friends with the base director. She's gotten herself into some not so great stuff, so pray that this will be a time of true healing for her. She's from Virginia, and God also blessed me with a great conversation with her last night. :)
Emily : She's part Hawaiian and part America, but has lived her whole life in Okinawa, Japan; her parents are missionaries there. She's 18, and we have mutual friends from here on the base. We've had a couple of wonderful talks also.
Timy : Timy's from Pennsylvania. He's 19, and has asked more questions about DTS than anyone ever thought possible. We've had a few good talks as well, and he seems like a great guy; God's gunna shake him up. :)
Leo : Leo is a very new Christian, but very excited about DTS. He's only 16, but God has done a work in his (non-christian) parents' heart and they're ok with him taking a year off of high school to do DTS. He's from here in DanShui, and is just a peach of a guy.

Thanks for praying for us all. God hears. Blessings to you as you continue to pursue the heart of the God who loves you more than life!

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Shannon said...

Looks like you have some great people to work with! Hope all is well and we will be praying for you!