Sunday, September 21, 2008


a church home.... wow..... something that should take time, and contemplation, and yet something that may be known to your heart in an instant. Finding a new church home has never been a problem for me.... Dad worked in churches, and therefore, that's WHY we were in the places we were, because of the church. We never had to find a new church home (except once when I was too young to know what was going on really).
So now I'm "off to school".... indeed, I'm here, and as any good Christian kid does, I've gone to church nearly every Sunday since I've been here. I've found one that captured my heart from the get go. "But," my father questions me..."...why?" so.... why....? Why do I love New Life so much?
They're rooted in scripture, everything they do, they incorperate it in.... whether it be the sermon, corperate worship, prayer, communion, baptism. And SHOULD be in all these things. But I'm glad they make it a point to do so. They are passionate about God and His people. The community that's felt from the moment you walk in the door is incredible, and it welcomes you into an atmosphere of corperate worship that's permeated with a sense of..."we're all in the same place... broken in front of the cross of Jesus, needing a savior, needing to be renewed once again... we come together in love to our Lord's throne." They're a relational church - they understand the need for discipleship and fellowship. And, the need to feel like you're a part of a body... THE body of Christ....for that's what He says we are. So why not live it out? :) they realize that we'resaved by's been hard for alot of the people, but that makes us realize that we really do need Him!!!
well, it's taken me forever to just get this much done, because I keep getting distracted by things, or people or calls, or well yea.. life.... sigh, such a perfect picture of what SO much of my life has been.... there's always something or someone or some aspect of life to distract me from God. we are so blessed that He is slow to anger and rich in mercy, aren't we?
blessings tonight...

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